Most of the exceptionally talented and successfully people in Nigeria have had a Jos connection.They were either born and raised in Jos, went to school in Jos or have parents and relations whose roots and origins are in Jos. Needless to say they have been touched in some way by the tin city.

I guess with that in mind, I can boldly say Jay city, J-town, Jay-town, however we choose to call it on any given day is the best city in Nigeria, right? Can I get a heck yeah!

So color me extremely surprised when people ask me with pure judgment questions like, “How can you stay in Jos? there is nothing there.”, “Why would ever leave Lagos for Jos? No opportunity is there”, “Aren’t you all killing yourselves in Jos? you want to die young abi?” and on and on it goes.

First of all, can I be the one to answer your questions? Geez! Nobody waits for an answer, they all feel they know my town better because they watch the news and read the papers.

Anyway, these conversations I have found have not only happened to me. A lot of people in Jos that have made the decision not to migrate but stay, work and hopefully restore glory back to our beautiful town have also been asked the same questions.

So in honor of the mocked, despised and ridiculed like me, I want to share with the world a few reasons why we do not want to leave our small town of Jos. This is coming from a former road runner and restless traveler, so I think I have some kind of authority on this issue.

Hopefully when you are done reading, you will gain some insight into our talents, creativity and ability to stand out within the crowd.

SIDE NOTE: No, it doesn’t have anything to do with breathing the cold mountain air, although this is totally debatable.


1) THE GIFT OF TIME: There must be a mysterious phenomena that deals with time. Yes, we all have 24 hours in a day but I believe time moves differently in different places. When I worked in Lagos, no matter how fast I tried to work, I just never have enough time (time wasted sitting in traffic included). In Jos, however, it seems time just moves slower and whatever I have to do in a day, I always get done (procrastination excluded). May be it has to do with the general personality of the people within an area. Perhaps this writes the rule on time for them. And since we aren’t hurried people, we get more time. I know it can’t be explained like that rule that says the more you give the more you get. This is why by the time Jos people go somewhere else, we seem more ‘cooked’ and developed in our skill.

2) THE GIFT OF AVAILABLE RESOURCES: Someone is always willing to help you with whatever you need to get along. I know a lot of musicians whose first guitars were gifts. They were also given free music lessons and free access to studios and equipment. You really don’t need to have all the tools you need to get started in Jos. My cousin and I are huge beneficiaries of this gift. We have made about 10 short films out of the sheer generosity of Jos people giving of their time, resources and energy. Not once, did we make a film because we had all the money to do it.

3) THE GIFT OF GENEROSITY: Although this is closely tied to the previous gift but it is worth mentioning as a stand alone. Hey! Naysayers!!! I present to you the most under-reported news item; you are not going to see this on your TV and in your newspapers. Jos people are truly generous with what they have. Sometimes it is not much but they are more than willing to share or even sacrifice. To get us moving on our dream of making films and having our own time and space to work, someone generously paid our first office rent, just to encourage us. And I know a lot of people in Jos that have been beneficiaries of this type of generosity.

4)THE GIFT OF AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS: When I worked in Lagos, I used to set my timer on meeting someone for the first time. The aim was to see how long i would have to wait before they said,”you know when I was in the UK”. Nobody went above 30 minutes. Is it wrong for someone to let me know they had been to the UK? Nope. But it’s surely hilarious to watch them try to connect and justify including the information in a conversation that didn’t require it. I don’t know about other people but the moment I meet a person, I begin to search for some kind of connection or some common ground. And it is beyond what you have or where you have been; for me, it is based on what your life is about. And when that agenda is immediately taken off the table because one party want to paint a perfectly empty picture of their lives then…we can’t be friends. Trust me, I try to steer the conversation in that direction but any topic I raise is swiftly converted into an opportunity to brag or show foreignness; a validation that I don’t feel I need. Do we not have these kinds of people in Jos? We do. But it is such a small town, they have been spotted and are on the ‘wanted and avoid at all cost’ list.

And lastly, the most important one.

5) THE GIFT OF FEELING LIKE YOU BELONG TO ONE BIG HUMONGOUS FAMILY: We are all cousins in Jos; especially on the Plateau Indigene side of things. And God bless you if you have an Ngas, Berom, Ankwai/Quanpan or Mwaghavul Mother; you automatically have thousands of cousins. If you are not cousins with someone then you are cousins with their cousin! Haha but we are somehow related by blood, by marriage and by friendship. This is the biggest blessing of all because there are so many people looking out for you.

I know there are people out there that will and could argue my points to the ground, so calling on all critics and naysayers, feel free to drop your own two kobo in the comments section. And before you begin the accusations; Yes! I maybe a bit biased. How does it go again? North or south, east or west, home is definitely the best!


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  1. Teyei Pam says:

    Lovely as usual! I strongly relate to all of that especially the 5th gift. One thing you forgot to mention is the UN nature of Jos which makes it a hub for all. A sizable number of every Nigerian and foreigners too who walk the streets and live with the people FREELY… it has to Jtown.

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  2. tchaliyah says:

    Ha!!! You didn’t mention the gift of our rich foods, the abundant varieties, how almost anything can grow here. And yes we are all cousins. Hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s true, I forgot about that but i will do an extended version when i finish hearing other peoples input.

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  3. Peekay says:

    Jay town for life! No place like home…..

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  4. justvou says:

    ❤ How I love me some Jos. There's always some serenity I feel each time I approach the city. Jos is not just a place, it's a movement, it's spiritual.

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  5. Hey love, catching up on past blogs today. How about healthy leisure lifestyles. Even though it has reduced over the years it’s reigniting again. Jos is known as a city for long walks, hikes, fishing, cycling, barbecues and salads, chilling……I dare you to take a walk in Lagos or ride your bicycle in Abuja. lol!!!


    1. Ride a bike in Abuja, I dey craze? At least in Lagos, I can attempt it in one of those their ‘posh’ estates. I will do an amended version for sure and include your contribution about the essence of our beautiful town.


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