Dear God, is my kind of husband only found in heaven or does he have earthly representation?

My Father in heaven,

Even though my letter is a matter of great urgency, I felt it was important to wait a few days before sending it. This is to give time for the dust that was raised from the new year crossover/night vigil prayers to settle before I ask my questions and put in my own request. Especially, as I am sure the traffic in ‘The Husband Request Department’ of heaven was alarmingly high on the night before the New year. And in my earthly thinking, I assumed it would take some time to sort through the piles and answer accordingly.

Are the requests even in piles? Or do they just fall unorganized from the hoarse throats of the unmarried into the ‘I must be married in 2016’ cabinet. Do the angels wearily take their coffee flasks around that day because they know it is going to be a long night? Or do they try to escape the marital office duty by yelling, “Never! I would rather fight a thousand legions!”, as they are being dragged by their wings and dumped unceremoniously on their seats.

Hey, YOU gave me this imagination and it didn’t come with a manual on restrictions… But before I digress too far, as my fingers are itching to, let me ask one or two final questions.

Is there really a soulmate for everyone? Why is unrequited love even a thing? Em… I am asking the second question for a friend. I have my own theories on this but it would be super duper fantastic to get a clear cut answer.

Anyways, I write because I can no longer ignore the concern in the voices of my loved ones. As it is extremely difficult to ignore someone asking you to your face, if there is any hope. These humans really have no sensor when they feel entitled to something. Like my cousin’s booming manly voice asking my sisters in Hausa,

“Wanan Ulan, dan allah, ku taimei ke ta!”.

I can only loosely translate this to, “This Ulan, because of God, you people should help her!”. The English language does not carry the weight of any language it translates but You know how heavy this statement is.

Why are they even concerned, I wonder?

It is not like I have expressly told them that I have a standard no one can meet. Or I have a type that cannot be found roaming the earth.

You and I know, I do not have a physical dream guy because they keep changing in my dreams but the character stays constant; and consistency is good… right?

However, I truly want to do my part to ease whatever fears I may be causing  but I need to know where to begin… again.

So please help all worried and concerned parties to know preferably through dreams and visions, for that potent effect, that it is going to be okay. And it will all be in good time…

Not my will but yours be done.

Your young, marriageable and sometimes ready daughter,





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  1. Olamma says:

    Kai Ulan!! These are my prayers exactly….have an amazing year too

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    1. I am glad I am not alone! I wish you a great year too.


  2. Josh says:

    I suspect some angels will have a new assignment soon, in view of your occasional readiness. Probably.

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    1. Lol, well… I am sure they would 🙂


  3. Tchaliyah says:

    LOL. Have you heard the joke about Nigerian unmarried women whose dream guys change as they age? This post just reminded me of the joke.


    1. Really, I haven’t heard of that joke. What do they change into?


  4. Hoppy says:

    Haba, Ulan. Why the ‘sometimes ready’, if I may ask?


    1. Gaskiya the idea scares me sometimes because it doesn’t depend on only me for it to work but on other days, I feel quite ready to tackle it, challenges and all.


  5. Abu says:

    It feels about time. Your community worries, you worry, you worry that he might not meet you – body and appearance – at your best, you even worry about time, about your biological clock and the limits of your human condition. Time grates on inexorably. You wonder when it will deprive you of laughters and smiles because of this thing you want, because of this thing that is prescribed to be a natural part of you being. It shouldn’t be this hard. It should exist without like growing to love rice. Like knowing that flying is sweet. Like knowing that water is fun to play with. Like knowing that growing up entails guardianship at it’s core. That it is good be called “mum” or “Mama” or “mother”.

    Sincere prayers find answers. They always do. Cheers.


  6. justvou says:

    Allah ya tamai ke ki… lol
    I enjoyed ready this, but Allah ya tamai ke dukan mu. My family members have thrown many jabs and insinuated marriage countless of times. He’ll come when I am ready and when he is too, not a minute later or earlier.


    1. Lol. Ya tamai ke dukan mu kam. It is good you tell them that 🙂 May we keep finding courage.


  7. Love your twist of humor and honesty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for all the reads, I appreciate it.


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