Tales From Behind A Dusty Window

via Daily Prompt: Quill

This is a story that will be well told, I know it; but a sadness engulfs me because I will never know it.

There is a distance and space between me and the writer, a barricade of tar and gravel that I am not allowed to cross. A unseen boundary that has been enforced by words. The very same words that might be in the writer’s story, “never cross the street alone!”

These words my Mother has imprinted in my brain which in turn has created invisible shackles for my feet. I will never cross the street alone… not until my mother says I can.

So now, I stand on the other side, in the disappearing light of the evening, staring across to the window of the bookstore; not seeing anything but the silhouette of a man at a desk. In this hands, clearly illuminated by the light from the lamp on the desk is a quill dancing from left to right on top of a book; leaving in its wake, the imprint of words that will shackle a reader to it, page by page.


Image courtesy Flickr Via Neil Conway

Try…It Will Be Worth It.

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer

It is not what you wish to do in that moment but it might make an ignored person in a crowded room feel less alone, and so you volunteer your smile.

it is not how you planned on spending your evening but your old neighbor lives alone and badly needs to connect with another human being, and so you volunteer your time.

it is not where you want to feel, your day was crappy but your friend has gotten the best news of their life, and so you volunteer your joy.

Life has been unfair, you trust nobody but someone looks deeply into your eyes and wants to make it right, and so you volunteer your love.

Most times, we really do not want to do what is expected or demanded of us, but sometimes we have to try.

Tingles From The Past

via Daily Prompt: Zing!

I tried it immediately after she said it would be the greatest experience of my life.

“I will do it with you,” she said with her dimpled mischievous smile.

Counting off her fingers, she outlined the procedure.

  1. We will sit on the fence for 30 minutes to an hour
  2. And then jump down to ground

And so it was after an hour of making up stories about ‘The mysterious catzilla, guardian of the dragon egg’, that I heard, “1,2, Jump!”.

Suddenly there was an explosion in my head and I could not tell if it was pain. pleasure or a combination of both.

It felt like a thousand needles were travelling from the sole of my feet to the line that is my spine and back again in rapid succession; all the way marking their trail with their sharp points.

We were both bent over, gasping, and trying to breathe through the pain. Then with the twinkle of a million stars in her eyes, she looked at me and broke out laughing in bits and pieces.

“Awesome isn’t it? So painfully delicious!”, she managed to say as she tried to get through the moment.

Only Sarah could convince me that freezing my legs out in the cold before jumping from a height was the greatest experience of my life. And we had many more “greater” ones after that before adulthood came calling.

Photo Credit Alex Holzknetch via Flickr